How to make Ladder Golf

March 21, 2011


It is quite simple to make this game, we have 2, one for camping and the other for home. My son always makes an extra game so if we are invited to camp with friends we will just leave it for them as a thank you. There are a few variations of how to make this game but the idea is the same.

You will need:

18 pieces of 1-1/2’, ½” PVC

8 pieces of  1’ , ½” PVC

4- 90 degree PVC corners

12 – T type PVC connectors

12 golf balls

6 pieces ¼” rope – 18” long (2 colors)

PVC glue

2 colors of electrical tape. I use blue and yellow. We don’t put tape on the top rung, it does not get hit very often. Tape 2 of your 1-1/2’ length’s of PVC before assembling the game.

Start at the top with a 1-1/2’ piece, glue a 90 degree connector to both ends, be sure they are facing the same way. Next glue a 1’ piece to the end of the 90 on both sides.

Glue a “T” to both ends of a 1-1/2’ piece and attach to the top of the game, add a 1’ piece to the other end of the “T”,  do this one more time for your next rung, and add your final 1’ pieces, add your last set of T’s to the bottom of the game, make sure you put the bottom T’s on the right way, you need to have the open ends to put the feet of the game in. Don’t glue these, they can be taken off and your game is easily stored.

Drill holes in the golf balls and thread your rope through, tie the ends in a knot and put some glue on the knot, do this for the other side. You will have a rope with a golf ball at either end, a bolo.

Repeat for your second ladder.

To play the game: This is just a variation of the rules, you can find official rules on the internet.

Place ladders about 15-20 feet apart, 1 player from each team will stand at the opposite end of the game than their partner. Each team gets 3 bolo’s. 1 person from each team will throw the bolo, the person with the highest score goes first.

The winning person will throw first, play goes alternately, when all the bolo’s are at the other end you will count the score. Bottom rung is 1 point, middle rung is 2 points and the top rung is 3 points. Play continues until a team reaches 21. If  both teams have a bolo on the same rung they would cancel each other out.

This game can also be made for kids change the dimensions a little to make it easier for them to play and use racquet ball instead of golf balls.

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