Staying hydrated

March 21, 2011

What ever kind of camping you will be doing,whether it’s heading out on the ATV/Quad or into the bush for a hike you need to make sure you stay alert and hydrated.

During exercise you can lose 24-32 ounces of water an hour (even more if it’s hot). If you feel thirsty you are already mildly dehydrated ,thirst is not  reliable to indicate proper hydration. If you are properly hydrated your urine will be clear or light colored.You also lose minerals like sodium and calcium that keep your body’s fluids balanced. Everyone is at risk for dehydration but be especially aware of children,they have low body weights and go through  a lot of water and electrolytes, older people are another high risk group, as we get older, our body is not able to conserve as much water and our sense of thirst also becomes less sensitive. Also people who do extreme sports must be careful to have an adequate water supply.

When you are dehydrated you can run into problems like muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness. Severe dehydration can also cause extreme thirst, low blood pressure, rapid heart beat and you may even become delirious. If you are camping at higher altitudes you have an increased risk of dehydration also.

I have found two products that always have with me along with my water bottle. Lift Off and H3O , these 2 products will help with energy and hydration. Lift Off is an energy drink with zero calories, zero grams of fat, and 1 carb, it is a perfect drink to help fight physical and mental fatigue and enhance mental performance. It also has vitamins B6 & B12 for energy production. H3O gives you rapid hydration, it is caffeine free. Lift Off  comes in dissolving tablet and H3O comes in a powder stick pack, both are convenient to take on the go.

Be sure to have adequate drinking water for what ever your activity is.

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